“Dualglaze” is the brand name for the systems developed by Fletcher Aluminium to enable us to carry out the retrofitting of new double glazing units into your existing aluminium window and door frames.  New aluminium extrusions have been created to enable this work to be carried out.

As we are also aluminium joiners, and in some cases have actually manufactured the original joinery, we believe we are the best placed to carry out this work. Many conversions are not straight forward and benefit from our aluminium joinery knowledge and expertise to ensure that the job can be completed, and completed correctly.

Other suppliers, mainly glazing companies, can handle the straight forward work but run into difficulties when it comes to hinged and sliding doors. It is not uncommon for us to complete jobs that other companies have said could not be down. This is a very good reason to have us carry out the work for you, you can be satisfied there will be no shortcuts, we will not reglaze a frame that will not last and all hardware (sash stays, hinges, handles, locks, rollers etc.) will be upgraded where required to match the extra weight of the double glazing.

Fore more information, see http://www.dualglaze.co.nz

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